Congratulations to the Raptured No Longer Among Us


I would appreciate a list of homes no longer occupied due to rapturing so I can proceed to the looting of their once earthly possessions.

Hey Skeptic North – atheists are not witches. We are skeptics too. We are you.


In case you haven’t heard of it, Skeptic North is an exceptionally well written blog focusing on the subject of (you guessed it) skepticism. The site has a bit of a Canadian flavour, which works for me since I also happen to be Canadian. Warm fuzzies aside, I’m having problems with Skeptic North’s final installment […]

Awesome Godlessness Part II: Not Being Afraid of Your Own Thoughts


If you haven’t already done so, it might be a good idea to read part I of this series before reading this article. There, I set out some important ideas that will help you understand the frame of reference I have for describing an awesomely godless existence. ——- God Has Far Too Much Time On […]

Awesome Godlessness Part I: Introduction


Part of the interview an atheist survey I recently completed asked why I think living as an atheist is better than living a life under God. In retrospect, my response wasn’t nearly as good as it might have been. For starters,  I wrote it right before bed time. And that led me to only partially […]

Attention Dave Mabus / Dennis Markuze


You’ve decided to comment on everything I post. Normally, I welcome anyone who adds to the discussion. However, in your case, all I am seeing in incoherant babble. Let me make this clear; You have never said a word that makes any sense. Please seek some medical help. Your comments are now banned – everything you […]

Getting Past Atheist Anger


As many atheists will attest, fierce anger is one of the emotions we experience (sometimes for extended time periods) when we break free from belief. Godless Girl recently wrote about how she gets past the anger, which inspired vjack from Atheist Revolution to begin a series of posts on getting past anger. I enjoyed Godless […]

Metal Art Sculptures!

A bit of shameless pimping here – check out my brother’s new Metal Art Sculptures site!

PZ Myers Weighs in on the Search for a Less Religious Version of “Spiritual”


A couple of weeks ago I suggested we stop using the word ‘spiritual’ when describing feelings of awe, wonder, connectedness etc. and use ‘sublime‘ instead. The main thrusts behind my argument were that: Spiritual is defined and understood by most people to have religious connotations. Attempting to re-cast ‘spiritual’ in a less religious light is, in my mind, […]

Atheism Is a Purely Emotional Response to Being Mad at God?


I’m amazed at the ability of the Godfull to miss the point and make false statements and generalizations about how atheists become atheists. The thought is on my mind because a theology student recently asked me to answer some survey questions (he’d been assigned an “interview an atheist” project). I’m not sure if the questions […]

Baba Brinkman: The Rationaliz’n, Darwin Testifyin’, Make-Ya-Think-’bout-Evolutioniz’n, Rapper


I’m going to start this post by saying I’ve never cared much for rap music. I suppose I could use the excuse that I’m a an over 40 year-old, white, raised-on-a-farm Albertan Canadian, but I know others in that same demographic who love rap so, so much for that excuse. Last week, Baba Brinkman was on […]

“Why me, Daddy?”


Today, me, my wife and our two children attended a conference for families dealing with children afflicted with Type 1 Diabetes. We attended because my seven year old son has been a Type 1 diabetic for close to two years. While the kids took advantage of the rare opportunity to play with others with similar […]

Spiritual Atheism: Good Idea With a Bad Label?


There’s no question that one of the challenges we atheists face is to show that life is not empty and meaningless without God. For some odd reason, believers have a hard time believing that – without God –  we’re not here merely to survive, but to really live and affirm the awesomeness of existing. You don’t […]

Atheism Can Be Frightening


If fear has held you back from thinking god might not exist, I encourage you to press on – the rewards are truly immense. A mind-opening, perhaps even (dare I say it?) spiritual experience awaits you.

Just Say ‘No’ to Atheist Churches


Last night I read yet another article claiming that what we atheists need are ‘churches’ where we can come together as communities. The idea, which seems to be mostly coming from ex-believers, is that we need special places where we can share a sense of community – like believers do. I Don’t Need a Church I don’t know […]

My Spirituality as an Atheist

This about covers it… (In case you are wondering, the beautiful music is part of the Shawshank Redemption Score composed by James Newton Howard,)