Alberta Lives Up To Its ‘Texas of the North’ Handle – Introduces Legislation That Will Help Parents Protect Their Children From Science

This is a sad day for the province I call home. It should also end any discussion I’ve had with people who claim Canada is a ‘moderately’ religious nation.


  1. Kadlekins says:

    It’s not much different in the States. There’s an international agreement called the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child, which provides kids with protection and the right to choose their own religion, meaning they can choose not to go to church if the don’t want to, and the US is the only country apart from Somalia that hasn’t ratified it. We even helped create it, but our government wont write it into law. Awesome.

  2. Passerby says:
  3. I created a satirical post about the Alberta and Texas education system being compromised by religion. The solution is to let them create a new country called Texberta.

    We can only hope it happens!

  4. Pardon the typo: it should be


  5. Saskplanner says:

    I’m from Edmonton and it’s SO depressing. I just moved to Alberta, and while I’m enjoying Edmonton and being in a big city and I find that part is good. But the provincial political culture is just SOOO grim and backward.

  6. Hey Atheist!

    I hope all is well with you and yours.

    I’ve been posting on a Pro-life website that was recently renovated but still required HTML tags for style and hyperlinks. They asked for comments on the new site and I suggested that they check out your site with the “way cool” buttons for Bold, Italics, Hyperlinks…

    Then I stopped by to see how you were doing and lo and behold, the buttons are gone! I was just curious why you removed them.

  7. Wow! I just read the greatest atheist manifesto ever written. Seriously. It’s called the Real Messiah:… I was turned on to the book by Robert Price. It’s written by a Jewish writer who found proof in a number of ancient sources that Jesus never claimed to be the messiah. It was all made up by later Christians in Rome to distract from the truth that threatened to overtake the whole Empire. You see there was this Jewish king named Marcus Julius Agrippa. He was the St. Mark who wrote the gospel. He wrote the gospel secretly to have Jesus announce HIM as the messiah. Then the Roman authorities caught wind of what was going on and then cut Agrippa out of the gospel. Don’t you see!!! It’s all a big lie – even the biggest lie in history. Jesus never claimed to be what all these people now say he was. They have been fooled by a second century editorial effort that still goes undetected. How is Huller so sure of this conspiracy? He found an ancient throne in Venice which Italian sailors stole from the most ancient Church of St. Mark in Alexandria in the ninth century. The author proves that the throne goes back much further than that – i.e. all the way to the beginning of Christianity in Egypt. In any event the throne has Hebrew letters and symbols which prove the real story of Christianity and how the modern Church is one big fake. The throne is real. Here are pictures of the throne: You can look it up with Google. It’s a real object. But now the game is up. Christianity is proved to be a big lie and the world will never be the same again. It’s so great to be on the winning side at last! I’ve got to tell everyone. All I got to say is that you got to read this book. This is the straw that breaks the back of the Church.

  8. @ OP: I can only say FAIL,
    @ the comment above:  Dude…


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