Belief In God = Misplaced Hope & Comfort

The shock and fear of my son becoming a diabetic shook me very deeply. So deeply, that I found myself reacquainted with that frightened little voice in my head that yearned for a sort of parental comfort and protection from the perceived demons of the world. The voice was saying, “Please don’t take him from me. Please make everything turn out alright”.

It was a momentary lapse that was quickly dispelled with a little dose of rational thinking and the reminder that millions of undeserving people are inflicted with suffering every day. This undeserved suffering that’s been happening over hundreds of thousands of years is just one indication that there is no god.

The horrible experience convinced me that emotions like fear and hope evolved with strong connections to an often supernaturally based yearning for protection and comfort – we didn’t understand the world, so we looked to the mystical realm for help. While this may have been helpful to us in the past, in my mind, that approach is today a distraction. Hope and comfort are now better sought out in our own growing knowledge of the universe – of how things work and how things can be fixed.

Bringing it back to this personal experience, my kid gets to live because of humanity’s growing knowledge of biology, and I feel grateful to live in a time and place where my family can benefit.

Fear gives way to hope and comfort in the knowledge that our species is, with growing rapidity, learning to eliminate the suffering many people’s god is either unable or unwilling to end himself.

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