Conservapedia Shifts Focus From Homosexuals To Atheists?

In November, Boing Boing posted a list of the ten most viewed articles on Conservapedia.

At first blush, it looked as though Conservapedia’s fundie, creationist right-wing community was obsessed with homosexuality. While that may be true, it was soon postulated at Infothought and Crooked Timber that there was something fishy about the stats (make sure you read the comments).

Out of curiousity, I checked and found that Atheism is currently Conservapedia’s number one hit (click at left for a larger image of the stats).

Like the homosexuality case, there could be a number of different reasons for this:

  • it might be another bot prank
  • it might be due to the success of Conservapedia’s atheism awareness campaign
  • it might be the atheist community’s obsession with itself



  1. Woah, that article is by far the funniest article on the entire website. Holy shit…

    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. It’s because aschlafly is an arschloch.

  3. Maybe it’s the fact that the Conservepedia articles on atheism are showing up on Reddit, delivering a ton of site traffic to them.

  4. I doubt it, Jake. This post has brought a couple hundred visitors to my blog. I notice another conservapedia link in reddit right now that is getting more comments but I doubt a lot more traffic. So, what’s all that amount to – 500 hits for a couple of days?

    Not a “ton” of site traffic. Not even close.

  5. Their plan is to get their Atheism article higher ranked, just like their homosexuality article which is ranked #2 on Google.

    Would it be possible to make Google remove Conservapedia or at least those two articles from their search engine?

  6. Maik- why would you want to censor Conservapedia? I don’t think their Google search placement is changing a whole lot of minds..

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