How to Piss A (Friendly) Atheist Off

Us so-called “New Atheists” have gotten a bad rap in many circles. As our numbers have grown, one counter-attack from the religious is that we are not like the old atheists – that we are militantly against religion and are attacking liberal-minded believers who are not concerned with our atheism.

For my part, I am rarely anti-theistic. Generally, as long as you don’t try to impose your beliefs on me – or the government (e.g. educational system) – I think your religion is none of my business.

And then something like the attack on Hemant Mehta – the Friendly Atheist – happens (how militant can a guy who calls himself “friendly” be?).

Links: here , here , and here.

When the religious attack good people like Hemant – try to get him FIRED from his job for beliefs that are never brought up in his MATH class (it’d be pretty difficult to talk about atheism while discussing algebra), it pisses us off.

So, now I’m mad. A lot of atheists are mad. Hemant’s unfortunate experience has reminded us that we must be vigilant to protect our rights. We must band together. We must speak out against religious wing-nuts.

Congratulations to the Illinois Family Institute for getting more of us atheists up in arms.


  1. YES YES YES! Now I’ll repost what I just posted on Hemant’s blog:
    This makes my blood boil. Who the hell does this woman think she is? Christian busybodies injecting their views into educational settings BY COMPLAINING about things their small minds find “offensive” is a reprehensible tactic that’s proven effective more often than not.

    The reason the so-called “New Atheist” movement is an absolute necessity (like <em>yesterday</em>), is because these fundamentalist crybabies like Laurie Higgins have enjoyed 30 years of empire-building in the media, accomodation, appeasement and outright, illegal government endorsement allowing them to manipulate public policy in their favor. They insist on their First Amendment rights while seeking to restrain everyone else’s. They’re out of control and it’s long past time to remind them of their place. In church and homeschooling, if they’re so determined to raise generations of Jesus-bots devoid of intellectual curiosity.

    With the sorry state of affairs in American education – in large part due to the dumbing down of our curriculum in order to not piss off Christians – I’m thrilled to have good teachers out there, and what they say or do outside the classroom is none of my concern.

    These bullshit “Family” organizations are an obstacle to our kids’ education and a threat to the First Amendment liberties of every citizen. I consider this attack upon the <strong>Friendly</strong> Atheist (a teacher, no less!) yet another call to arms for all the rest of us, from closeted to militant. Ladies and gentlemen get those arms in (ergonomically correct typing) position and fire at will. No quarter given.

    [Hell, gonna go paste it into my blogs too. I’ve had enough of these insane, delusional asshats and their war on reason.]

  2. Rox1SMF – I don’t understand your anger.  Laura Higgins is actions have been perfectly reasonable, as I understand the situation.  Can you please explain in greater detail what the problem is? 

    TheFriendlyAthiest can post whatever he wants on his blog, but that may influence parents  of his students (or his employer) negatively.

    In America, we are blessed to be able to speak freely; however, one can still be held responsible for what they have said.

  3. Higgins is trying to get Hemant fired for beliefs he never shares in his classroom.

    Her actions are despicable.

  4. 40YearOld – As I understand the situation, Higgins believes that Hemant is not an appropriate role model for students.  She has brought her belief that he is not an appropriate role model to others in her community.  She is well within her rights and moral obligations to do so.  Similarly, if Higgins was the teacher, and Hemant did not believe she was an appropriate role model based on her ‘ultra-conservative’ beliefs, he would be within his rights to inform the rest of the community that he does not believe she is an appropriate role model.

    Please explain what I am missing that makes her actions despicable.

  5. Jon, I will follow up in a separate post perhaps this evening.

  6. If x = God then ….
    Silly x-tians…it is another fascist attack on something they don’t like.

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